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Hi Friends,

Before some time my clients all wordpress sites are hacked by hackers.So he was very upset that time for how to make wordpress site more secure.I find many ways to secure wordpress site. I will be give you tips.

As we know wordpress provides good security but hackers know the architecture of wordpress so in many version of wordpress this type of problem is raise.But don’t worry i will give you tips which is more usable.

1.Upgrade WordPress To Latest Version

You must have to upgrade your wordpress if any latest version is available.

2.Hide WordPress Version

You have to hide our wordpress version from you theme.i am giving you code for hide wordpress version.copy and Paste below code in your theme function.php file.

remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);

function wpt_remove_version() {

return ”;


add_filter(‘the_generator’, ‘wpt_remove_version’);

3.Change Table Prefix

all hackers are know that wordpress provides default prefix is “wp_”.So you must have to change it with plugin helps.there are so many plugin available for change table prefix.

4.Secure wp-config.php File Using .htaccess

All detail of your wordpress site are available in wp-config.php files so we must need to secure this file.I giving you code put that in your .htaccess file.

<Files wp-config.php>

order allow,deny

deny from all


5.Secure .htaccess File

As above suggestion we are securing wp-config.php file using .htaccess. So we also need to secure .htaccess file.I am giving you code you can put it in your .htaccess file.

<Files .htaccess.php>

order allow,deny

deny from all


All The best.


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